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宋长青(1963~),男,现任北方工业大学艺术学院教授,艺术设计系副主任,中国美术家协会会员,中国壁画学会会员,中国建筑学会壁画艺术专业委员会副秘书长。宋长青为人谦和,乐观,热爱艺术创作。多年来不断 从事艺订设计和建筑学等专业美术基础课的教学工作,并始终坚持艺术创作,不仅教学结出硕果,培养了大量优秀先生 ,其个人创作的艺术作品也频频获得好评,其中不乏被中国美术馆馆藏。
1989年毕业于地方 美术学院壁画系,获学士学位
2001年获地方 美术学院硕士学位
次要 进行壁画、水彩画和油画的创作,并进行艺术设计美术基础教学的研讨 。
安装 作品《祝愿 信息天下传》入选《第二届北京双年展·中青年艺术家精品展》(2005年)。
在《祝愿 信息天下传》这件作品上,宋长青在应用 材料方面和表现手法上不拘1 格。艺术家应用 颜料、文字木版雕刻、画报拼贴和实物等构成了1 件综合材料的安装 艺术。作者将民间祝愿 的歌谣文字图形与各种水果的实物模型无机 地拼装组合在红色底板的平面上,从而将文字的抽象性与物品的具象性相结合,使文字与图像并置与重构,意义和视觉的互补互动,在传达欢乐喜庆的语意空间的同时也产生了新的视觉愉悦。这件作品乍看上去是1 种地地道道的中国古代 民俗艺术,然而,从其所使用的材料媒介物来看,它应当 属于安装 艺术范畴,而这类 图形与文字交叠、平面与立体并置的情势 正是当代艺术的1 种表现情势 。
宋长青的借鉴和应用 是如此的浑然自若 ,这说明宋长青在中东方 艺术的张力场中正逐步 构成 本身 独特的艺术言语 和风格款式 。

Introduction to the artist

Song Changqing (1963~) , male, currently hold the post ofprofessor of college of art of northward industry university, artistic design fastens a vice director, chinese artist academician, chinese mural academician, deputy secretary-general of committee of major of art of mural of Chinese building society. Modest of Song Changqing humanness and, hopeful, have deep love for artistic creation. Will be engaged in all the time for years art the education that revises the tax of professional art foundation such as design and architecture works, hold to artistic creation from beginning to end, not only education ties goes great achievements, trained a large number of outstanding students, the work of art that its individual produces also is obtained again and again reputably, there is no lack of among them by holding of Chinese art gallery.
Was born at Beijing 1963
Was graduated from school of Beijing arts and crafts 1983
Was graduated from department of mural of central academy of fine arts 1989, obtain bachelor's degree
Obtained master's degree of central academy of fine arts 2001
Basically have the creative work of mural, aquarelle and canvas, hand-in-hand travel art designs the research of art foundation education.
2 people represent work
Canvas " spend joyfully festival " selected " move toward new century- - Chinese youth canvas is exhibited " (1997)
Greasepaint mural " China walks into new era " selected " mural of first whole nation is exhibited greatly " win award of an excellent work (2004) , this work is selected still " work of art of the 10th whole nation is exhibited " (2004) ;
Unit work " beatific information the world is passed " selected " the 2nd Beijing double high-quality goods exhibits artist of year of the youth in exhibiting · " (2005) .
In " beatific information the world is passed " on this work, song Changqing is in use the not stick to one pattern on data side and expressional gimmick. The artist applies sculpture of block of painty, character, pictorial to go all out stick and the objective device that made an integrated material is artistic. As organic as all sorts of fruity objective models ground spells the ballad character graph that the author blesses folk outfit combination is on the plane of gules motherboard, thereby the photograph of the sex that provide an elephant of the abstract sex the character and article is united in wedlock, make character and image apposition and reframe, of meaning and vision complementary and interactive, communicating happy and festival language meaning space while also produced new visual sense cheerful. The Chinese contemporary folk-custom that this work looks suddenly is way of tunnel of one cultivate land is artistic, however, in light of the material intermediary that uses from its, it should belong to device art category, and this kind of graph and character are handed in fold, the form of a kind of expression that the form of plane and stereo apposition is contemporary art.
The Song Dynasty is drawn lessons from evergreenly and be being applied is such muddy freely like that, this explains Song Changqing is in the tensional field of square art of Chinese and Western forming oneself distinctive artistic language and manner style gradually.